Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) witnessed an explosion of excitement and anticipation on October 25, 2023, as it extended a warm welcome to the first charter flight of a remarkable series by Lot Polish Airlines. This historic flight, originating from the Czech Republic, brought 252 international tourists eager to #ExploreSriLanka’s captivating beauty.

These charter flight operations are slated to continue until March 26, 2024, offering an extended window for international visitors to realize their #TravelGoals and experience the island’s diverse offerings. This remarkable endeavor is the result of a collaborative effort between several key players, including Cedok of the Czech Republic & Sri Lanka Tourism. The integral role played by Hayleys Aviation, acting as the General Sales Agent (GSA) for Lot Polish Airlines, cannot be overstated in making this venture a reality.

The arrival of the inaugural flight was nothing short of spectacular, featuring a traditional water salute that exemplified the warm #SriLankanHospitality. Passengers were further enchanted by a captivating traditional dance performance, immersing them in the rich #CulturalHeritage of the island. To ensure a taste of Sri Lanka’s world-renowned tea, each tourist received special Ceylon Tea gifts, courtesy of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

Destination SriLanka beckons with open arms, offering an array of #SriLankanAdventures and the promise of an unforgettable island paradise. With the advent of sustainable tourism, this tropical escape is a must on every traveler’s #BucketListDestination. Don’t miss the opportunity to #DiscoverSriLanka, where #AdventureAwaits and each day is a new chapter in your travel diaries.